Around the Masurian Lake District you will find a mixture of pure nature and humanities achievements as well.

By bike you will discover nature protection areas, where wild animals are living. Take the time to visit a farmers market and jump into the water of one of the 100 lakes. While you are discovering all this with your bike, you can also use popular in masurian cities- ships to shorten or lenghten your trip .

We recommend you enjoy this paradise of nature the easy way. Our hotel crew will help you to plan an interesting and fitted to your abilities bike tours.

Unibike Rotterdam
Unibike Amsterdam
Kross Mansfield Park Pro
Merida Freeway
Unibike Voyager
Maxim E-Bike (e-bike)
Rower młodzieżowy Folta Herreros
Rower młodzieżowy Unibike Princess
Kreidler Vitality Eco 1 (e-bike)

Price per bike: 8 zł/h., 40 zł/day   Reservation»

Price per e-bike: 25 zł/h, 120 zł/day   Reservation»

Event: 7-days cycling around Masury