Walking is one of the most natural forms of physical activities, especially when preformed on the pure air, surrounded by nature and accompanied by birds’ songs.

Our front desk service will help you with choosing the most suitable trails, fitted to your abilities and weather conditions.

Below exemplary trails.

Piska Forest „Szast”

The educational  trail leading through the Protective Forest in the Forest Sub-District Szast. This protective forest is a unique example – in all the State Forests in Poland- of 445 ha of woodlands left for self-regeneration after the hurricane demaged them in 2002. It was quite obvious that an educational footpath had to be designed there. Researchers engaged in the forest sciences have already estabilished research sites across the forest. There, they will be gaining in-depth knowledge on forest natural succession. In “Szast” you will find an observation tower over 12 meters high (above the broken trees) and high platform, like a gallery above the Pisa river.

„Gałczyński Footsteps”

Around Pranie, on the area of “Jezioro Nidzkie”landscape natural reserve and its neighborhood „Gałczyński Footsteps” path is located. This path starts near Pranie forest, after acquainting yourself with itinerary you are ready to go!
In the summer season in Leśniczówka Pranie (July, August) there are classical music concerts which are often accompanied by recitation of Gałczyński’s poetry. Many outstanding artists of the Polish stage can be met and heard here in the summer season. At the official homepage you will find event calendar (link: http://lesniczowkapranie.art.pl/site/?page_id=4).


Kadzidłow trail runs near The Wild Animals Park, through varied in terms of natural habitats and important culture objects. On the route 13 stops including educational speakers about the spatial distribution of forest, forest protection, Woodworm Printer, seasons in the forest. The distance is approx. 1.5 km, about 40 minutes. During the walk you can visit the cemetery of Old Believers nineteenth century

Kadzidłowo Museum
“Oberża pod Psem” is but one of many elements constituting the – founded by Danuta and Krzysztof Worobiec – “Cultural Settlement in Kadzidłowo”, which, because of it’s “high scientific, historical, aesthetical and scenic value” was entered into the national registry of historical monuments by the voivodship’s Historical Monuments Conservator in Olsztyn as “one of it’s kind in terms of scale wooden architecture object in our voivodship” The Inn is located in a wooden, almost a hundred year old antique building and, in the settlement outside the inn, there is the “Masurian XIX c. Hut” museum, as well as guests room. The settlement is currently made up of six wooden buildings transported here from the southern regions of Masuria and the Masuria-Kurpie border.

The Wild Animals Park
The Wild Animals Park Kadzidlowo is in the are of the Pisz Forest. The aim of the Park is to help the visitors to get to know the local species. The Park is located in forest meadows and this allows the animals to live in conditions similar to the their natural habitats. Due to the large area of the Kadzidlowo Park, sightseeing only takes place in the presence of guides who talk about each animal, their biology, habits and the need to protect them. This mainly applies to the rare endangered species such as lynx, wolf, eagle owl, black grouse, wood grouse or hazel grouse.