Southern Masuria is a perfect place for canoe and kayak trips. Diversified landscape, shady Piska Forests, an unique climate and architecture of the villages located near the water causes, that every year tousands of canoe fans are comming here on their expedition . Everyone can find something interesting: seasoned kayakers – water of Śnirdwy lake, Roś lake and Nidzkie lake, globtroters – water of Piska river and Orzysz lakes, and a Krutynia river lovers – good organised kayak route with unique nature of Mazury landscaped park.

See you on the route !

We offer:

Single kayak Delsyk Nifty 430
Single kayak Ocean Kayak Trident
Kayak for two persons
DAG Biwok 530 EVO
Kayak for two persons
Perception Vista Rental
Canoe for three persons


Price per Kayak: 10 zł/h., 35 zł/day  Reservation»

Our proposed Kayak routes in Masuria:

Pisa river

Krutynia river

Wilkus river