Pisz–  a town on the Pisa River. Its orgins date back to the 15TH century. The remains of the Teutonic Knights’ castle at Gizewiusza Street are a memorial to its early history. There is also a Neo-Gothic town hall in the centre. You will se the townhouses built in 18TH and 19TH century at Rybacka Street and Lipowa Street. St. John the Baptist’s church from 17TH century, which was later reconstructed in the 19TH century, has got a transom structure as well as late-Renaisance and Baaroque furnishings. The Pisz Land Museum (muzeum Ziemi Piskiej) located in the town hall is worth a vist.

One of the most misterious objects is the statue of “a stone woman” obelisk craved in a stone.  It is probably the cult statue of the Prussian times. On the periphery you can find “Piska Pozycja Ryglowa”, chain of bunkers builded between 1939-44.