Pisa has its start in Roś lake (near to hotel Joseph Conrad)and it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Masuria.

The name Pisa comes from the ancient Prussian language word “pisa”, meaning “swamp.” The name dates back to the Galindae tribe who lived in the area before the arrival of the Teutonic Knights, who referred to the Pisa as the Galinde. Pisa has the first class category for purity of its water.

Pisa is a picturesque lowland river with its most scenic stretches around its upper and lower reaches. In the middle part, the river flows through boggy meadows. Along its entire length Pisa is navigable. Considerably deep (1–1.8 m), it has the shallowest depth at its mouth, at the Narew river. Pisa is strongly meandering with the average descent of 32 cm per kilometer. Canoeing down the river from Pisz to Nowogród takes about 4–5 days.

We offer to our guests 4-5 h tour at Pisa river by kayak or by- canoe- at throught the most interessting part of the river – headwaters. On the shores of Pisa it is waist to look for restaurants or shops, but we can admire pure nature. Rapid current, birds singing and shade trees will provide relax and unforgetable adventure. Longdistances fans can also find something for themselves because by Pisa you can access Narew river.

On the other side of lake Roś from the Hotel there is a river Wilkus, it was an an initial connection of Roś lake and Śniardwy lake. Not to rapid matter movement, marshy shore, overgrown with alders. It is an easy trail with interesting, differential landscape. There are two bridges crossing the river, first located on the final section of lake Roś, second between way to Rostki and road to Pisz. Coming from Białoławki Lake you have to come across barrage, however it does not require carrying kayaks.
Wilkus is a perfect river for fishing lovers, because of large amount of pikes, tenches and breams.
On the trail little tourists flow, mainly silence and sounds of nature.
Thanks to channels and isthmus it is possible to dispense without transportation.

It is one of the most stunning waterways in Europe.  The varied route, measuring some 100km, is one of the largest “active” attractions of the Masurian Landscape Park.

The Kurtynia is one of the most famous waterways, repeatedly referred to the “most beautiful canoe trail in Europe”. Current of the river, with numerous bends, is actually slow. Width of the river reaches 30–40 meters and depth is from 1,5-2,5 to 3–7 meters. The Krutynia flows through the landscape-water-forest reserve, in two municipalities terrain: Mikołajki and Ruciane-Nida. Canoe trail runs from the Mokre Lake, through Puszcza Piska and Masurian Landscape Park.

The Krutynia trail is considered one of the most beautiful water routes in Europe. It is very interesting and varied not only does it pass through the Piska Forest, but also from the Mokre Lake through the Mazury Landscape Park which was created in December 1977. The River Krutynia has a cult status for kayakers as the venue for organizing the most picturesque kayak safaris and attracting thousands of tourists each year. The whole trail can be completed by kayak in several days, or just selected sections. The flow of the River Krutynia is slow and the river has numerous bends. The whole kayak trail is 109km long and to follow its entire course takes 7 to 8 days. Starting in Sorkwity and ending in Ruciane Nida, it passes through 20 lakes, 8 rivers, 2 canals and 6 nature reserves. Along its entire route kayakers have the opportunity to see the wealth of the surrounding natural beauty as well as the many attractions including the Filiponi Monastery in Wojnow and the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidlowo.