Hotel Joseph Conrad is situated on the Roś shore. Here begins the Great Masurian Lake District. From Great Śniardwy lake distances us only Jegliński channel with sluice in Karwik. Roś is a glacial lake type, with 11,4 km surface, maximal depth 32 meters. On the Roś lake one can find two gulfs: Rudzka and Bylicka. Between central and north part of the lake extends peninsula Piechowski, the other peninsula is called Czarny Róg.

To the lake come into: Wilkus, Święcek, Konopka river and Pisa river flows out of Roś.

The reeds coastal waterfowl nests. There are more grebes, herons and various species of ducks, busier than water routes. High above the surface of the lake circling bird predators.

We offer great variety of watter activities such as sailing cruise, passenger ship cruise or more cosy kanu or kayak trips. For more extreme adventure fans we recommend windsurfing lessons. In winter on request we provide iceboat lessons.